PT. POLICIPTA MULTIDESIGN is a private Mechanical, Electical and Plumbing Consulting Company, which is located at Jl. H. Domang No. 31B, Kelapa Dua - Jakarta Barat 11550, Indonesia, Owned and Managed by Professional Experts, end established since 1986.

    Mainly, The Company provided professional Mechanical and Electrical engineering consultant services for any kind of project, ranging from multi-storey commercial and residential building to factories and chemical plants, Hotel, Hospital, Office Building, University Building, which has been its specially for years, Up to now, The Company has been involved in the design and construction management of several large projects. Beside that, The Company's professional staffs also have experience in handling government projects, harbors, Airport and other Mechanical & Eletrical engineering projects. Futher more, its close relationship with several well reputations, foreign engineering and architecture consultants guarantee that The Company can count on their support in handling large-scale project. Our services are design of electrical system, design of mechanical system, design and contract system for power plant and provided hi power purchase agreement.
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